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We work to make corporations accountable for the climate crisis. We are rooted in science, community, and resilience. Join us.

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    We are corporate cleanup. We are a group of young people working to get corporations to become climate justice leaders and take accountability for their part in the climate crisis. We base ourself in the science of the UN and the IPCC. We acknowledge the gravity of this crisis, but we never lose hope. Join the movement. 



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Corporate Climate Striking

As part of the Fridays For Future movement, Corporate Cleanup is teaching you how to #CorporateClimateStrike. Join us again on November 29 and December 6.

Corporate Cards

The corporations that are taking advantage of us are the same ones telling us to buy what they are selling. We will not stand for it. Go directly to the place where they are bought and let possible consumers know the truth.

Divest From The Destroyers

Corporate destroyers cannot continue taking away our future if they do not have the funds to do so. Join us in asking, why are they funding the people selling out our futures? Sign the petitions to Vanguard, BlackRock, and StateStreet.

Bank Pledge

As part of DFTD, we are calling on banks who invest in Exxon to divest by mid-2020. We are pledging to switch our banks or credit unions if they do not divest. We are running out of time. Watch and share our video here.

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