The Need for Corporate Accountability

As we mentioned in our “There is no ethical consumption under late capitalism” article, our country’s government goes hand in hand with consumerism. The wellbeing of our country’s economy is entirely dependent on capitalism, and our government is dependent on our economy. Therefore, the companies and corporations that create the most capital are most influential over America’s entire web of merchandising, and even over politics. Keep this in mind.

Certainly you’ve heard that the Amazon rainforests, otherwise known as “the lungs of the earth” have burst into a blazing fire, one that is rolling across its foliage rapidly. It has been evaluated that revitalizing this forest would cost 122 billion dollars, though that number will only grow as the flames spread. Ironically, the only person in the world that has the funds to do so is Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon. You know, the one Corporate Cleanup has been encouraging you to boycott? That one.

Imagine if Bezos really did it, though. What would happen if he really did pay for the restoration of the Amazon? It would be all over the media, that’s what would happen! Every news station, website, magazine and radio station would be gushing over the news. As his company is one of the top three worldwide, this would be a major influence on hundreds of companies and political figures alike. Such an announcement would have other corporate leaders saying to themselves: “Man, seems like environmental awareness is getting a lot of attention… maybe I should be prioritizing this as well.” Political figures would think: “Green action is becoming popular. It seems like something I really need to think about and contribute to as I move forward.”

So, why do we need corporate accountability? We need for the world’s leading corporations and companies to create a shining example for smaller ones to follow. Being careless when it comes to ethics and sustainability will only encourage similar behavior in other establishments, dragging our environment into the gutter, along with any hope for improved wages for those employed in third world countries. We must demand corporate accountability so that we can give our planet and ourselves the opportunity to be safe from climate change; we only have eleven years left to reverse it. We need to create this shift towards environmental practices, and the best way to do that is by enlisting a huge chain reaction. And there’s no better way to do that than start from the very top.

Fight for your safety. Fight for your future.

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